Sunday Dec 31, 2023

Revolutionize Your Year: The Art of Achievable Resolutions

Join Sandy Wardenburg and Chris Booth in this enlightening episode of "Happy on Purpose," where we redefine the New Year's resolution game. Tired of setting ambitious goals only to see them fade away? Sandy and Chris introduce a transformative approach to resolutions based on how you want to FEEL. They discuss  themed months and 'micro-resolutions' – small, manageable goals that lead to big changes. Discover how to assign meaningful monthly themes to each part of the year, turning your resolutions into a 12-month journey of growth and success. Plus, delve into the power of continuous learning as a key to unlocking your potential. Whether you're launching a new project, like Sandy's exciting YouTube show, or aiming to enhance your personal well-being, this episode is packed with practical strategies, personal insights, and motivational tips to make 2024 your most purposeful and fulfilling year yet!

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