Saturday Jan 06, 2024

Play More! - You are NOT too old

Unleash the joy of living with "Happy on Purpose" in our latest episode, "Rediscovering Joy: The Power of Play in Adult Life." Join Sandy Wardenburg Waggett as she explores the often-overlooked importance of play for adults.

In a world where responsibilities often overshadow fun, this episode is a refreshing reminder that we're all just kids at heart in adult bodies. Sandy introduces a unique 5-part framework designed to seamlessly integrate play into our daily lives, rekindling the spontaneity and joy often left behind in childhood. Learn practical and easy-to-implement strategies to infuse play into your routine, enhancing creativity, reducing stress, and improving overall well-being.

Whether it's reigniting old hobbies or discovering new avenues of fun, this episode is your guide to embracing playfulness. Tune in and transform your approach to everyday life, finding happiness and fulfillment through the power of play!

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