Sunday Oct 30, 2022

How to Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs & Finally Achieve Your Dreams!

In this episode, we talk about-limiting beliefs and things we say to ourselves on a daily basis that keep up from achieving our big goals. Most of us well-intentioned humans really struggle with this... but it doesn't have to be that way!  Take these five self-limiting statements and remove them from your daily self-talk and conversations with other people.

The results will astound you and help propel you into achieving your big goals ... to live a life happy on purpose!



5 Self-Limiting Beliefs & Statements That Get In The Way Of Our Personal Growth and Excellence

  1. "I can't because__________________________"
  2. "Sure, that works for him/her but it won't work for me because I'm not _______________ enough."
  3. "I've tried everything."
  4. "You don't understand..."
  5. "Easier said than done."

Use these thoughts and statements as mental triggers for yourself. Whenever you notice yourself thinking or saying these out loud, stop and reframe them. 

"I can't because_____"
Is it because you don't want it badly enough? Because if you did, you'd find a way to make it happen! Don't want it? That's okay - stop giving it energy and move on to someone that you DO want.

"That might work for him/her, but it won't work for me because_______"
What or who do you need to grow into to MAKE IT HAPPEN? What action steps can you take to move the needle on your growth so that it WILL work for you in time?

"I've tried everything."
Impossible. You haven't tried everything - you've tried things in your comfort zone. Get uncomfortable!

"You don't understand."
That's your ego talking. People are driven to help and to be empathetic. How can you communicate better about how you are feeling and what you need?

"Easier said than done."
Well, duh! Stepping outside of our comfort zones to resolve challenges and leverage opportunities is WORK.
Get to it!

When you reframe the self-limiting thoughts and self-talk, you empower yourself to make BOLD moves and begin to live your life HAPPY ON PURPOSE. Let's go!


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